A cowboy breakfast to start off the day . . .

A cowboy breakfast to start off the day . . .

 . . . before we hit the road and headed out towards Williams Arizona. Our KOA campground had a (literal) chuckwagon setup and we took advantage to grab a hearty breakfast before taking off.  Stopping off at a roadside gas station with a great view we met a friendly AAA guy, who took our picture in front of the San Francisco Mountain range.  He told us that Mt. Humphrey in this range is an active volcano and the highest point in Arizona.

Another stop, another Walmart, this one in Flagstaff to re-stock food and supplies. How far do you have to drive before you find a Walmart in this country?  This would be a great stat to know. We notice lots of residential building in the area outside of Flagstaff, obviously a growth area.

Oops! A small crack in the windshield due to a tiny rock hitting it.  Not a big problem at this time, we’ll deal with it later.

The drive through the Red Rocks Canyons of Sedona was astonishing, but my numerous photos don’t really show off its grandeur.  What makes these rocks so red? Apparently, the red is iron oxide that coats the particles in the rocks after thousands of years of chemical weathering.

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The Town of Sedona is vibrant, thriving and chock-full of galleries, cafes, etc. but with a New Age, wellness/healing vibe, and with very upscale resorts and spas.

Note to self: we need to fly in and stay for a week and shop, hike, eat and experience the healing power of the vortexes.

Parts of this trip remind us of Maine with lots of conifers, but then we head right back into a flat dessert landscape.

Arizona is a concealed carry state.  Permit holders are not required to undergo the Federal background check. Wow, something that is hard for this Massachusetts gal to understand.

We finally arrived at the Railside RV Park in Williams, Arizona and settled in, tired but happy, after a long drive.