Ohio to Stanton, Missouri

Ohio to Stanton, Missouri

Time to leave Ohio and we have a new plan. We’ll try to drive as far as possible the next few days in order to arrive in Santa Fe a day earlier.

Indiana rolls by looking much like Ohio – flat as far as the eye can see. Farms and huge factory complexes like Ford and GM dominate the landscape. Surprisingly, few fields are planted or even turned over, just the dried-up stalks of last years’ harvest sticking up out of the ground. This year’s long cold spring has delayed planting.

Missouri is much greener, more signs of spring. Pink and light green buds are bursting forth on the trees and shrubby roadside growth. We see signs for Hannibal Missouri, the birthplace of Mark Twain.  Oh, I long for more time to stop and visit!

One Pot Meals

We knew we wanted to eat healthy but well during this trip, and we obviously have a small kitchen in our 24′ motor home, so how to accomplish this?  One additional factor was ease of preparation. Who wants to spend a lot of time cooking and cleaning up after a day of sightseeing or driving?

Our solution was to cook as many one pot meals and to prepare ahead by freezing some of our favorites from home and taking them along.

Tonight’s easy, delicious meal was Veggie Chili with Chicken Sausages:

  • Defrost home-made (frozen for traveling) veggie chili in the microwave
  • Brown chicken sausages in large cast iron skillet
  • Add chili into the skillet, simmer to correct doneness
  • With a small salad and some crusty bread, it’s easy, filling and delicious!